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Waves Yoga Kauai in the Princeville Shopping Center – Hawaii

Waves Yoga Kauai came to the Princeville Shopping Center last year and since then the instructors have won support from residents and visitors alike. I have not personally been to one of their classes, but I looked up the reviews on Yelp and they were all 5 stars! Here is an example of one of them:

“Ok sometimes u meet people that u just know were born to do what they do. That’s what I felt when I walked into Lulu’s waves studio. Just a feeling of homecoming.

I’ve been visiting from California and suddenly found this studio. It was like a dream come true, especially her rocking, vigorous yet also profound and  relaxing class.  Really one of the top classes  I’ve taken in the last 15 years of practice! was sooo happy to discover, I bought the week-long travelers pass and looked forward to trying all the different class options, sculpt, fusion, c3 and more…

Everything about the class and studio was a completely joyous and profound escapade.  Even the music was fabulous. This studio is so good it makes me want to move here! And who knows? Maybe I will. I’ve done crazier things in my life than move somewhere for the yoga:)”

T.S.  California  10-22-17

Another from the Waves Yoga Kauai website:

“Lulu has been the first person to change my attitude towards stretching and yoga.  Since I am not naturally flexible I have often times veered away from stretching since not only can it be painful for me, but simply I’m just not good at it.  Lulu’s ability to create routines for me specifically and in a way that I am able to execute has made all the difference  between doing it  and not doing it.  Lulu has an incredible knack for being nurturing and thoughtful, but simultaneously professional and armed with a strategy for each individual.”


Athlete, Model, Author, Part-time resident of Kauai

Waves Yoga Kauai offers several levels of yoga, stretch or workout classes with the following philosophy in mind: “To be calm is the highest achievement of the self. Waves Classes focus on breathe and body awareness.  Yoga poses and flow may be slow, fast, gentle, or intense.  Waves honors the practice that goes beyond the physical and uses the tool of body to discover more about our true nature.  We embrace all that is in this very moment.  And when we let go of an outcome, freedom is felt not just in your body, in your mind as well. The goal is no goal.”


Waves2  Breathe and flow through sun salutations and posture holds.  All levels are welcome to this class.  Temperature ranges between 85°-95° F , depending on Kauai’s weather and bodies.  Infrared ceramic filtered space heaters may be used especially in winter to aide in healthy tissue penetration and detoxification.

Waves3  Similar to Waves2 with some advanced postures and inversions.  This class is geared toward experienced practitioners.

Sculpt   A fun workout yoga class set to a great playlist!  Optional use of dumbbells to intensify your practice.  You will be sweaty and ready for savasana after this 60 minutes!

Yin   The class we have all been waiting for, perfect to balance out the body from everyday life.  Luxurious deep stretch holds mostly on the floor, with a focus on surrender.

On Wednesdays, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM, Waves Yoga Kauai even offers a Tahitian Dance class!

Another option they offer is the Infrared Sauna:

“Waves Yoga has found Clearlight’s Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna to be the most effective method to receive the numerous health benefits of this radiant energy without EMF radiation.  Healthcare providers have been recommending the use of infrared heaters to treat a variety of diseases throughout the world for some time now. Unfortunately what also comes with most infrared heat waves is EMF or electromagnetic radiation.  Clearlight has discovered a way to eliminate those harmful rays so the healing waves of infrared can be fully absorbed.  Sauna Sessions are available by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 5:00 pm.  Book on the hour and receive 45 minutes of time to shower and meditate in the cedar sauna.”


Waves Yoga Kauai is located in the Princeville Shopping Center, right around the corner from the Ace Hardware store.

5-4280 Kuhio Hwy


Princeville, HI 96722

Tel:  808-652-6582

Email: wavesyogakauai@gmail.com

Website: https://www.wavesyogakauai.com/

So, if you are staying at Honu Point, or anywhere else on the north shore, give Waves Yoga Kauai a try. Their class schedule is listed on their website and on a card outside the studio.

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