Pela - Laysan albatross chick - Kauai

Update on Pela – “My” Laysan Albatross Chick – Kauai, Hawaii

Of course he/she is “my” albatross chick because, after all, he/she was born on my birthday and I was lucky enough to get to name her. Pela means “soar” in Hawaiian and that is what he/she will do in about four months from now. With in any luck, the fledge will take place off the bluff of Honu Point.

Recently I uploaded two videos of Pela with Larry, his/her dad. The first shows Pela, at five weeks old, greedily asking for some food. Not this time. Lesson: patience is a virtue. Best with volume.

One week later, Pela fares a bit better. This week’s lesson: everything in moderation. Again, don’t miss the communication between these two. Turn up your volume.

Pela is growing the thriving in our Princeville community. He/she has moved a short distance away from the nest and has taken up residence next to the fire hydrant in our cul-de-sac. Today, March 22, 2019, she made the front page of The Garden Island newspaper! Clearly this albatross’ next lesson needs to be: photography staging.

Pela - Laysan albatross chick - Kauai

It will not be long before Pela starts getting some flight feathers so enjoy this adorable fluff stage while it lasts.

Pela - Laysan albatross chick - Kauai

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