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Where To Shop In Kauai – Banana Patch Studio – Kilauea, Kauai

Update: This store is no longer in Kilauea. Visit the Banana Patch Studio in Hanapepe or order from their website.

Are you wondering where to shop in Kauai for locally made items? It’s hard to beat Banana Patch Studio where 90% of the items they sell are made in Hawaii. Kauai artist, Joanna Carolan, started Banana Patch Studio in 1991. Initially a one-woman operation, Banana Patch Studio now employs over 20 artists, all creating unique tiles, pottery and fine art. Skot Barrelle, pictured above, will enthusiastically welcome you to the Kilauea Gallery in the Kong Lung Center. There you will find a store full of hand painted ceramics and fine art, tiles, clocks, wood signs, magnets, cards, children’s books and products from Aloha Spice Company. It’s just a ten minute drive from Honu Point!

Banana Patch Studio - Shop in Kauai

Or, if you are making a trip over to the southwest side of the island, check out where many of these items are designed and made in Old Hanapepe town. The studio is located in the beautifully restored Historic Change Building (1926), which was once a bakery and pool hall. At Banana Patch Studio in Hanapepe watch artists at work painting the ceramic tiles and pottery. All the tiles, trivets, wall plaques and pottery are hand painted using lead-free glazes, and are kiln fired in their kilns to 1890°F. Photovoltaic solar panels mounted on the roof of the Hanapepe studio help power the electric kilns, making the operation more sustainable.

Banana Patch Pottery - Shop in Kauai

One popular product at the store is the 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 hand painted ceramic tile, easy to take home as a gift or as a remembrance of the Aloha Spirit. It may be used as a wall decoration or trivet.

6 x 6 Ceramic Tiles - Banana Patch Studio - shop in Kauai

Hand Painted Tiles - Banana Patch Studios - shop in Kauai

It is easy to spot some of my favorite things. There are countless items featuring our Honu (Hawaiian sea turtle).

Honu Tile - Banana Patch Studio - Shop in Kauai

Honu Pottery - Banana Patch Studio - Shop in Kauai

In addition to all the beautiful artwork, Banana Patch Studio features Aloha Spice Company products. You will find all sorts of organic seasonings, Hawaiian sea salts, coffee rubs and Hawaiian sugars, all handmade in Hawaii. A gift of “Rooster Poop” will surely be a winner.

Aloha Spice Company - shop in Kauai

The original Banana Patch location, in Old Hanapepe town, is at 3865 Hanapepe Road on the sunny, southwest side of Kauai.

Office Hours

Mon-Friday 10am – 4pm
Sat-Sun Closed

Office Phone


For more information and examples of products for sale, go to

Banana Patch Studio - shop in Kauai

Banana Patch Studio is the place to shop in Kauai! There are so many unique, interesting and lovely items, it will be hard to narrow down your choices of things to buy.

So, enjoy your shopping! Non-shoppers may wait for you next door at the Kilauea Bakery.  🙂

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