Princeville Night Market

Princeville Night Market On The North Shore Of Kauai!

Update (May 2021): The Princeville Night Market has gotten even bigger and better. Now, not only are there lots of venders in the Princeville Shopping Center, there are also many more venders next to the Princeville Community Center (behind the Princeville Library). You may easily park at one spot and walk to the other. Have fun!

If you are lucky enough to be on the North Shore of Kauai on the second Sunday of the month, you are in for a treat. Local venders bring their island-made items and set up tents to sell directly to you at the Princeville Night Market.

On the second Sunday of each month find handmade jewelry, soaps, clothing and much more in and around the Princeville Shopping Center (just a couple of minutes from Honu Point). The event is from 4:00 to 8:00 with food available for purchase and live music.

Princeville Night Market 2

My favorite booth is operated by a friend who makes the most beautiful jewelry. Her name is Veronica Groepler and she’s usually placed close to the Wine Market at one end of the Center. Her designs are creative and priced right.  She also has a studio in Hanapepe at 3801 Hanapepe Road.  So if you don’t make the market and happen to be in Hanapepe, check out her jewels there.

Veronica's Jewelry

This event is a chance to mingle with the locals and buy some products you might not be able to get in our stores.  Great for those gifts you need to bring home to friends and family. Or, just take in the environment and listen to the music. Either way it’s a fun and relaxing way to enjoy an evening in Paradise.

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