A Prepared Meal For You At Honu Point Vacation Rental

After a sun drenched day on the island, what better way to enjoy a prepared meal than have it cooked right at Honu Point without you having to lift a finger. No changing clothes, no driving, no waiting, no noise, and you don’t even have to leave the spectacular views that outshine most of the restaurant settings on the north shore of Kauai. If this sounds enticing, take a look at a few of the mouth watering dishes Janice McKeachern can create for you right in Honu Point’s well-equipped kitchen and you’ll be sold.

Kaneshiro Farms Pork Chops with Roasted Pineapple Lime and Mint Chutney and Pan Fried Corn with Cilantro Garlic Butter

FarmCookKauai - Sanchez Lamb

Sanchez lamb, seasoned overnight with fresh herbs; grilled and served with carrot puree, fried okra, grilled kale with minted yogurt.

Opah en Pepillote

Seared Ahi Salad

Sweet Potato Crisps

Eggplant Cherry Tomato Caponata

Lettuce Cups

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Liliko’i Coconut Cheese Cake

You may read about Janice’s background and her story on her website at http://www.farmcookkauai.com. She moved to Kauai ten years ago and started working on a goat farm on the north shore. From there she re-entered the culinary arena.

I have had many guests hire Janice for one or more meals at Honu Point and have had nothing but glowing reviews. This is one of them:

“One of Rae-Marie’s recommendations for a private chef was Janice McKeachern of Farm Cook Kauai. Janice came and cooked dinner at the house for us on two evenings and these nights were definitely a highlight of the trip. Amazing food combined with amazing views from the house—SO much better than a restaurant!!!!! Everything Janice prepared was fantastic and she was extremely knowledgeable about the island and some of its unique ingredients. We would highly recommend her!!”

A sample menu can be found on Janice’s website at http://www.farmcookkauai.com/wp/catering-sample-menu/. But, she says, “I don’t typically follow recipes strictly.  The recipes I post are only guidelines.  I taste everything as I cook because I don’t believe a recipe will produce the exact same flavor every single time. I think every person’s palette is slightly different and I encourage people to experiment with recipes to experience the creative process of cooking.   My approach is to use the freshest ingredients possible, lots of  herbs, and aromatics.  These ingredients with a little salt and fresh pepper will take you anywhere you want to go in the kitchen!”

Janice can be reached by phone at (808) 639-8860 or email at farmcookkauai@gmail.com.


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