North Shore General Store - Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii

Pizza And Local Grindz – North Shore General Store – Princeville – Kauai – Hawaii

Looking for a place to grab a great tasting pizza or some local food, give the North Shore General Store a try. Unbelievably you will find the store/restaurant at the Princeville Gas Station in the Princeville Shopping Center. Enjoy your meal on their outside tables, take your choices to the beach or park, or bring them back to Honu Point where you can savor the flavor while watching the ocean view! Tom and I often order pizza when friends stop by to watch the sunset with us.

Here is the video North Shore General Store uses to promote their business:

North Shore General Store has a wide variety of menu items and their prices are reasonable for Kauai. They offer a complete breakfast menu, Espresso Bar, plate lunches, sandwiches, a variety of salads and other local favorites. Their hefty burgers are all made with Princeville Ranch free range beef and can be bought for less than $8.00. Choices include the Holoholo cheesburger, Sombrero Burger, Tita’s Teri Burger, Braddah’s BBQ Burger or the Ono Kine Burger. Not anxious for beef? Try The Meanest Veggie Burger. Each is served inside their own organic taro bun and topped with local-grown lettuce, tomatoes and onion. Fries are separate.

North Shore General Store - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii

The North Shore General Store’s pizzas are not inexpensive but they are made in a pizza oven and are quite tasty. Menu choices include: Pesto Pizza, Margherita Pie, Bacon Mushroom Onion Cheeseburger Pizza, Veggie Works Pizza, Paniolo Chicken Pizza, Prosciutto Fig Pizza, Chicken Parmesan Pizza and The Works. A small pizza will run about $12 to $15. The large will cost $17 to $26.

North Shore General Store - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii

There are paper menus at Honu Point, but in case you are out and about, here is the full menu of items:

North Shore General Store - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii

North Shore General Store - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii


“Don’t let the name fool you or the fact that it’s inside a gas station.  When a local first told me it was the place to go for a burger I thought “great I’m stooping to a microwave burger.” Not even close. This was a fresh burger made with fresh north shore grass fed beef. You could taste it. The seasoning was perfect and this turned out to be the best burger not only that I had on the island but anywhere in quite a while.  I also ordered fries which the clerk told me was plenty for 2 and he was right.  They were thin and cooked perfectly.  And to make it even better, it was the most affordable meal I’ve had on the island.

We enjoyed it so much that the next night we went back and tried the pizza.  Also made fresh and quite delicious.  I wish we had ordered one with a red sauce but this was just what my wife wanted.  The peppers were red and orange not just a bunch of cheap green ones.

I have to say that if you’re on the north shore take the risk of stopping into a gas station for one of the best burgers or pizzas you’ll have up here.”

Bob V.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The North Shore General Store is also a full line convenient store for souvenirs, T-shirts, local jewelry, beer (over 25 different kinds), wine, and snacks…!  It is located at the entrance to the Princeville Shopping Center.

North Shore General Store - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii

5-4280 Kuhio Hwy
Princeville, HI 96722
Phone: (808) 826-1122
For more information and full menu go to
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