Photo Tips And Tricks While Visiting Kauai, Hawaii

Last week I ran across an article by Jefferson Graham in the USA Today newspaper called, “Photo Tour: Kauai, Hawaii’s Magical Garden Island.” Apparently Mr. Graham has a blog where he shares photo tips from all over the world. Sounds to me like a pretty good excuse to travel! Within the article there is a video called “Photowalk” which shows where and how to get the best shots on Kauai. Despite the fact that he mispronounced Na Pali, I thought it was worth sharing.

Of all the reasons to love Kauai, Mr. Graham narrowed it down to five.

Lush Landscapes

“You want to see green foliage and amazing flowers, this is the place.” I couldn’t agree more. Yes, he does talk about the rainfall but points out that, despite the massive amount we had in April, most of the rainfall is light and I’ll add, scattering. It is rare to have constant rainfall for days on end. This spring has been the rainiest I have experienced in 18 years of living on island full time, yet all of our Honu Point guests have managed to have an exceptional time with little interruption in their plans. The rain is what brings us the lush landscaping, especially on the north shore. It also brings us brilliant rainbows!

Small Towns

Mr. Graham mentions “the quirky small town of Hanalei” and “the arts community of Hanapepe.” Both are special but very different from one another. Hanalei is just down the hill from Princeville and it is full of cute stores, restaurants, food trucks and shave ice; a real surfing town. It is the entrance to Hanalei Bay which is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. The road to the Hanalei Pier was washed out in the 2018 Kauai Flood, but you may easily walk to it from the beach. Photos from the end of the pier are a must.

Hanapepe is over on the dry, west side of the island, about a 90 minute drive from the north shore. It was depicted in the Disney cartoon Lilo & Stitch. It is full of art galleries, a real live book store, and restaurants. Friday nights are a treat because the tiny town hosts an art walk which bustles with visitors and locals alike.

Sunrises and Sunsets

Mr. Graham points out that all of the islands have great sunrises and sunsets. What makes Kauai unique is that there are so many easily accessible beaches from which to view the show. You do not have to go through big resorts to find the beach. Just pull over on the side of the road and click away.


“The fun on the island is discovery.” This is so true. Almost anywhere you go or look you will find photo worthy scenes. Drive down roads or follow a path and you are sure to find beauty. No need to hire guides or pay for expensive activities. Exploring is free and rewarding.

The Weather Forecast

It is natural to check the weather forecast before arriving on Kauai. Do not be discouraged if it shows scattered showers every day of your time on the island. As I tell my guests, it almost always rains at some point during a 24 hour period. This doesn’t mean that you are going to be stuck inside doing jigsaw puzzles. The sun generally comes out at some point every day, even on the rainiest days, even on the north shore. Do not let the rain stop you. It is warm after all.

The south and west sides of the island tend to be drier, but also hotter. Unfortunately until the road is fixed from Hanalei to Ke’e, the only way you will see the Na Pali coast is by boat or helicopter.

The road closure, or the flood reports, have not stopped visitors from coming to the Garden Island. Overall lodging bookings are up 13% for 2018. The word is out. Kauai is a magical place to vacation. Mr. Graham gave you five reasons. I could give you so many more. Come see for yourself.

To read the full USA Today article, which includes 66 photos, click here.

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