Albatross Soaring Right In Front Of Our Home

A New Albatross Chick Was Born On Camera Yesterday!

Yes, indeed, a new albatross chick was born on camera yesterday!   For several years now, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in collaboration with Kauai Albatross Network has been placing a streaming camera on an albatross nest.  This year it was set up on January 24th, just two days before Kalama was born.

A day later Pilialoha feeds her newborn.

What makes this even more remarkable is that the two adult albatross who will be sharing parenting responsibilities are both female. Mahealani and Pilialoha both had infertile eggs last year and after they failed to hatch they stuck around to babysit other chicks. They were very popular with the viewing public and were nicknamed “the aunties.” This year they were given an adoption egg brought over from the Pacific Missile Range on the west side. Now they are officially mommies. As one stays with the chick, the other will fly 800 to 1200 miles away for food.  When she returns she’ll stay at the nest regurgitating the food into her chick’s throat while her partner goes off for more. This process will continue until the chick is able to fledge around July of this year.

You may watch this remarkable process on the Cornell live stream video at

There are several nests within the front and back yards of the homes along Kaweonui Road. Come stay at Honu Point and see other albatross pairs and their chicks from now until midsummer.

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