Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail – Captain Andy’s – Kauai – Hawaii

I had heard that Captain Andy’s Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail is a great way to celebrate any occasion. So Tom and I decided to give it a go for our wedding anniversary. We had been on a two hour sunset sail off the coast of Poipu with Captain Andy’s many years ago but this was a four hour excursion and it went down the Na Pali coast.

There are three of Andy’s boats that go down the Na Pali coast for a sunset dinner cruise. The two custom 65′ Star Class luxury catamarans are the best. We were on the Southern Star which is a sister ship to the Northern Star (pictured above). There were about 50 people on board along with the crew who were ready to serve.

There is seating in the front of the boat, inside a cabin and in the rear. In order to avoid a lot of wind and water spray we found some extremely comfortable seats around a table in the back of the boat.

Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii

For the more adventurous sailors there is a trampoline seating area directly in front where one is likely to spot some sea life, but may pay the cost when the swells kick up.

Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii

Leaving from Port Allen, a 90 minute drive from Princeville, all three boats depart at 3:00 in the afternoon and sail down the western side of the island. The islands of Ni’ihau and Lehua can be seen off to the left. This is the dry side of the island so the weather is generally sunny.

After passing by the long, white sand beach of Polihale, the boat rounds the corner and starts heading down the Na Pali Coast. What a site to behold! Approximately 16 miles long, the na pali (high cliffs) rise as much as 4000 feet above sea level. Erosion has caused the peaks to be sharp and they stand like cones along the shore. We have been down the Na Pali Coast many times and yet it is always awe-inspiring and never disappoints. This time the clouds draped over the mountains making the coast look like a scene right out of the movie King Kong which was partially filmed here. These photos do not do it justice.

Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii

After passing the three major valleys where early Hawaiians held residence, the captain noticed a rain squall heading our way. Expertly he headed further out to sea and avoided having a single drop land on his guests. What we got instead was an impressive rainbow.

Now that we had turned around and were heading with the ocean current instead of against it, the captain called for the sail to be raised and the ride became a whole lot smoother. I am not going to lie. For a short time we had been rockin and rollin as we crashed through the swells along Kauai’s northwest coast. I was glad I had taken a Bonine to keep my stomach settled.

I was even more grateful as the freshly prepared dinner was served. A locally grown green salad with a papaya seed dressing came first. Then the entree: grilled steak, grilled shrimp, red potatoes, asparagus and carrots. The food was hot and delicious. Topping it off was an individual cheesecake. Yum!

Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii

Alcoholic drink choices were red and white wine or a “Sneaky Tiki.”  We were told that once you couldn’t pronounce the name of the drink you were cut off.  I didn’t notice anyone having that problem.
Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail - Kauai - Hawaii

As we got closer to the harbor the sun started its decent into the ocean. The captain stopped the boat so we could watch the sunset in the quiet of the Pacific Ocean. It was a fine ending to a fabulous time on the Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Sail and a memorable way to celebrate our 26th. But, who needs a special reason. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening on Kauai.

Captain Andy’s Star Sunset Dinner Sail runs daily, weather permitting. The cost is $159/adult and $119/children. Captain Andy’s has other sails and raft trips, including snorkeling opportunities down the Na Pali Coast. They have been taking guests on Kauai boat trips since 1980.

Check out Captain Andy’s website at

4353 Waialo Rd
Ste 1A-2A
Port Allen Marina Ctr
Ele’ele, HI 96705 
Phone number(808) 335-6833

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We booked the sunset dinner cruise on the luxury southern star catamaran. From the check in process to walking down to the harbor, the staff made the entire experience awesome. We were greeted and treated like we were VIPs. During the tour, we were able to see dolphins and whales close by. Every single staff member was completely professional, polite and accommodating. After exploring up the Na Pali coast (which got a little rough around the turn-around point), we turned around and started the dinner service. The staff made sure they were on point with serving drinks and delivering them to wherever you were on the boat. Dinner was absolutely amazing. It was definitely prepared and cooked to perfection. Nothing you would expect on a catamaran on the ocean. At the end of the night, we left with a great experience, lots of photos and a full belly. This luxury dinner cruise is definitely worth paying extra for. The staff certainly makes you feel special. I’ll never forget this experience!
Nick P.   3-16-18
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