Princeville Wine Market - Kauai - Hawaii

Where To Shop In Kauai – Princeville Wine Market – Hawaii

If you are wondering where to shop in Kauai for fine wines and other delicacies, there is no better place than the Princeville Wine Market.

Princeville Wine Market opened seven years ago as a boutique wine store featuring smaller production wines, specialty liquors and craft beers. The shop also offers specialty food items such as olives, crackers, gourmet cheese and chocolate! Daniel, a friend and the owner, became a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2006. He carefully curates his selection to include a variety of labels at different price points.

In contrast to the supermarket, Daniel’s staff specializes in giving helpful service to whoever walks through the door. His website states, “We are here to help and truly want to pair you with the best wine for you and your particular circumstance. If you want to just look around it is no problem. We will not accost you and make you buy a $200 bottle of wine. We know what that feels like. Our attitude is that we want you to be happy with your purchase and come back!”

Princeville Wine Market - Kauai - Hawaii

So, let us talk wine! The price range for a bottle of wine at the Princeville Wine Market is from $10.00 to over $750.00. Daniel says, “I often get asked how I acquire some of the brands in the store as many are generally mailing list or restaurant only wines. I am a very squeaky wheel that doesn’t stop squeaking until I get the grease. Thankfully, we have built a reputation as a destination fine wine store and have been able to get our hands on some serious gems.” He told me he personally loves many different wines but currently he is on a Burgundy and Champagne kick.

Princeville Wine Market - Kauai

Princeville Wine Market also carries a variety of local wines from Hawaii. There are no commercial vineyards on Kauai, however it is home to a lovely mead (honey based wine) made by a company called Nani Moon Mead. They make some sweeter honey wines, as well as a dry style of mead that can be a more comfortable wine for food pairing.

Maui is known for the Tedeschi Winery located Upcountry. Princeville Wine Market typically carries the pineapple wines- Hula O Maui Sparkling, Maui Blanc and Maui Splash. They also carry the red, which is called Ulupalakua Red.

The Big Island has a winery called Volcano Winery. Princeville Wine Market generally carries their white and red wine, as well as their sweet dessert honey macadamia nut wine.

Princeville Wine Market - Kauai - Hawaii

Need your wine chilled? No problem:

Princeville Wine Market - Kauai

Princeville Wine Market has also upped their game in the craft beer category. They have always carried the popular Hawaiian beers, but now they also have a nice rotating collection of seasonal beers from the mainland as well as more traditional European beers.

And, what goes well with wine and beer?  Cheese, of course.  Princeville Wine Market specializes in unique cheeses, like “Naked Cow” from Oahu. Choose from Guava Smoked Cheddar, English Style Farm House Cheddar, Pink Hawaii (artisan style cheese with pink peppercorns), Pika Moon (Hawaiian chili pepper), VOG (Guava Smoked Cheese) or Parmesan Style Cheese. You may also find Feta, Mozzarella, Guava Wood Smoked Chevre or Crotin from Hawaii Island Goat Dairy.

To finish off your culinary adventure, savor some chocolate and make yourself some Tea from Cloud Water Tea. Princeville Wine Market is Cloud Water’s only retail outlet on Kauai. The tea is grown in Kilauea. A variety of chocolates are offered including the locally made Kulana Kokoleka chocolate from a 3.5 acre farm on Kauai and Hu (Get Back To Human) which is made in New York and has no gluten, cane sugar, refined sugar, GMO, soy lecithin or emulsifiers.

With all of these unique and interesting products, Princeville Wine Market is definitely worth a stop during your stay on the Garden Island.


Princeville Shopping Center, 5-4280 Kuhio Highway, Princeville, HI 96722, a five minute bike ride from Honu Point Vacation Rental.


(808) 826-0040


Open every day: 10am-8pm


Mission Statement:

Princeville Wine Market aims to improve wine culture on Kauai through a thoughtful selection of products and excellent service.


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