Two Kauai Driving Guide Apps You Might Want To Try!

I have been hearing a lot about these two Kauai driving guide apps lately. I must admit I have not downloaded them to my phone to check them out, but people are raving about them on social media. I did look them up and they both get good reviews. They might come in handy as you drive around the Garden Island.

Both apps use your device’s location abilities to play the commentary AUTOMATICALLY. Once you download the app to your device over Wi-Fi, no data, cellular or even wireless network connection is needed while traveling. Anyone can use them with no need for roaming data – even when visiting from another country.

It is like traveling with a local tour guide in your car!

Much of the following information was taken right from the app’s description in the iPhone App Store.

Kauai GyPSy Guide App- $6.99

GyPSy Guide GPS driving tour of Kauai is an excellent way to enjoy a sightseeing trip to explore the entire island. There are 280+ audio points that play automatically, featuring what to see, stories, tips and advice. All the benefits of a guided tour, the freedom to drive yourself.

All you have to do is drive, listen and decide which places you want to stop at. Our tour guides have created an insightful and entertaining tour of Kauai. We’ll recommend the best places to experience and some great locations that most visitors will drive by.

The Kauai GyPSy Guide has commentary everywhere on the island that warrants exploring. They recommend dividing the island into at least two driving days.

  1. North and Eastern Kauai – Explores areas from Lihue to Ke’e Beach at the north end of the highway.
  2. South and Western Kauai – From Poipu to Hanapepe to historic Waimea town. Also includes Waimea Canyon and Koke’e Park sitting high above the Na Pali Coast.

Ratings and Reviews:

There have been 453 ratings and the average score is 4.9. Here is what one person had to say, “I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but I have to say that buying this app was one of the best decisions I made in Kauai. When you drive around, the app detects where you are and gives expert advice and evtertainment. It tells about the sites, and about the history of the islands in general and Kauai in particular. We saw many things and learned a great deal more than we would have otherwise. It added to our enjoyment of a wonderful vacation. The narrator is pleasant and engaging. Everyone who drives in Kauai should buy this app.”

Arkansas Marty, one year ago

Family Sharing

Up to six family members can use this app with Family Sharing enabled. In-app purchases can’t be shared with family members.

About GyPSy Guides –

GyPSy Guides produces award winning audio tours along scenic drives around the world. Enjoyed by travelers who prefer to set their own pace and itinerary on vacation, but enjoy a fun, informative and educational guided experience. Our goal is to provide a great introduction to the region and perhaps inspire you to learn more and return. None of our apps include paid advertising or placements for benefit.

Visit GyPSy Guide’s website for more information.

Kalalau Lookout - Kokee, Kauai
TC_Perch / Pixabay

Shaka Guide – $9.99 for each of four Kauai tours.

This Kauai driving guide app is set up differently than GyPSy. It is more expensive but also seems more extensive. The Shaka guide offers three separate driving tours and one historic tour for $9.99 each. You may download the app for free but once you open it you must individually pay for the each tour you want to have. It claims to be the #1 rated app for Kauai.

What the app does:

  • Hours of audio with hundreds of narration points that play automatically as you drive
  • Made by local Hawaii tour guides
  • Hear fun stories, enchanting Hawaiian legends and things to do
  • Turn-by-turn directions with Offline maps (No data network required)
  • Music by local Hawaii musicians (both modern and traditional)
  • Enjoy the freedom to travel at your own pace, while having the benefit of a local tour guide with you
  • Better than guidebook with restaurant recommendations, things to do and see

Three Kauai driving tours:

  1. Kauai North Shore – The tour will guide you to the epic Kalalau Trail and Ke’e Beach stopping at little-known beaches and hikes along the way. Also includes stories about the area like how did Princeville get its name.
  2. Waimea Canyon & Na Pali Coast – Travel up into the mountains to check out breathtaking views of Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast. Along the way, kick back and listen to stories and little-known legends about the area.
  3. Wailua Valley & Waterfall – Connect with the Hawaiian culture while also exploring jungle forests and waterfalls! This tour will take you on a trip back in time in visiting three ancient Hawaiian temples as well as visit three waterfalls and check out three hikes. The perfect mix of fun and education.

Poipu & Koloa Historic Tour:

This tour takes you from the time when ancient Hawaiian villages dotted the area to the sugarcane plantation era; all while taking you to cool places and telling you stories about each along the way. Check out cultural sites, go on some mini-hikes, and check out an ancient cave, and fishpond. So much to see and do!

Ratings and Reviews:

There have been 1,237 ratings and the average score is 4.8. Here is what one person had to say: “There is way too much to do, and far too much to see to be able to fully capture the grandeur and awe that is Kauai. That being said, the key to fully appreciating every precious minute of your vacation is to be efficient with the time you do spend in your travels. This app ensures that you get the best views overlooking the canyons and beaches, takes you off the beaten paths to the special, hidden places reserved just for locals and those ‘in the know,’ and avoids wasting the costly minutes or even hours spent looking in vain for parking, dining, gas/fuel and restrooms. The stories along the way are very informative, entertaining and funny (albeit somewhat corny at times). These tours are a perfect beginning/starting place for those visiting for the first time, and there’s plenty of info to keep you engaged and entertained even if you’re a regular. Perfect for those looking for a ‘locals’ opinion on where to go and what to do; but still wanting a personalized tour that you can go and do at your own pace, and take as little or as much time as you’d like. There’s even background music to set the Hawaiian mood. Just be sure to download the entire tour over wifi before you leave the hotel. And bring a car charger, and an audio cable to plug into the stereo. But most of all, remember to have fun!”

mydogsnameismax, two years ago

Family Sharing

Up to six family members can use this app with Family Sharing enabled. In-app purchases can’t be shared with family members.

Visit Shaka Guide’s website for more information

Anini Beach - Kauai - Hawaii

Wifi-only iPads with no GPS capability do not support offline tours. Both of these Kauai driving guide apps use your GPS when necessary. Please remember that continual use of your GPS running in the background can dramatically drain your battery. It would be nice to have a cigarette style DC outlet car charger with you. This is much better than simply plugging into the USB port in a vehicle.

Both of these companies offer driving guides for the other Hawaiian islands as well. I am glad to know about these two apps for Kauai, and will be anxious to hear from some of my Honu Point guests as to how useful they are. If you have already used one, please feel free to leave a comment for others at the end of this blog post.

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