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Hawaii Drops All Covid Restrictions And Safe Travels

During the pandemic the Hawaiian Islands have had some of the most restrictive mandates of any state in the United States, but as of last weekend, covid restrictions and Safe Travels are no more. Although individual businesses may still require masks, as well as all shuttles and buses, there is no official mandate for mask wearing either inside or out. In addition, there are no longer any restrictions on large gatherings. Caution is still advised, but it is now mostly up to individual choices.

Likewise, Safe Travels has ended for domestic travel. A traveler, to the islands from the mainland, does not have to register, or prove that he or she has been vaccinated, or has tested negative within 72 hours of departure. The Governor and Mayor of Kauai have made it very clear, however, that should new variants cause concern, the policies may be reinstituted.

Visitors are coming in droves. It is apparent that many people are anxious to travel and some are not quite ready to fly internationally. This makes Hawaii the perfect exotic destination. Vacation Rentals are booking up fast and furiously as some feel they are a safer bet than a large hotel. With restaurants struggling to get help, and requiring reservations way in advance, having a home kitchen makes food options simpler. Honu Point’s calendar has never been so full. After a year (March 2020 to April 2021) of almost no rental income, we are more than grateful.

Kauai Vacation Rental at Honu Point

A couple of rescheduled reservations are still on the books. One, in particular, just got rescheduled for the third time, sadly due to a returning guest’s health problem. This has opened up our calendar in the fall. I wanted to let our past guests know about this opportunity before advertising on social media. If you are considering a Honu Point stay in the fall, now is the time to book.

If interested, you may always check our calendar on the Availabilty/Rates page of this website. As of now, however, the dates available are from October 15th to December 17th, with the exception of Thanksgiving week. Other than these times, we are fully booked until March 2023. We would love to have you back at our home. If this sounds like a possibility, simply fill out the Contact Form on our website, or give me at call at (808) 635-8744. We appreciate every one of you. Mahalo!

For more of my blogs, or to subscribe, go to our Guides page in the menu and scroll down to the bottom. For more information about our luxury vacation rental, Honu Point, on the north shore of Kauai, go to any other page of this website. We would LOVE for you to follow us on Instagram. @honupoint

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  1. Thank you for the update. We are VERY EXCITED about our upcoming visit and celebrating our 34th Wedding Anniversary with our family. We will see you soon.

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