Dance On Kauai

So You Say You Want To Dance On Kauai?

Update (2024): It saddens me to say that dance on Kauai has not been “alive and well” since March 2020 when our island shut down due to the Covid pandemic. Our very favorite spot, Rob’s, has decided to focus on their restaurant and not renew the license needed for dance. Occasionally a small group gets together at another venue in Lihue. To find out when that is happening, please download the TeamReach App and join by using the code: 678dance. We love it when visitors come to dance with us.

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So you think you can dance? Good news! Dance on Kauai is alive and well. Whether it is ballroom, swing, Latin, tango, zouk or dancing with your partner on the sand, we have you covered. But, before I tell you what is happening on the Garden Island, check out this video that was created by one of the Oahu dance groups last year. The basic moves are West Coast Swing.

I have been involved with the swing dance community on Kauai for about 15 years. Our passion is west coast swing but that does not keep us from moving our hips to other forms of dance (cha cha, hustle, east coast swing, country 2-Step, nite club 2-Step, salsa). Every Tuesday evening a small group of us meet up at Rob’s Good Times Grill in Lihue for some companionship and dancing. Our leaders are really considerate about dancing with all the followers so no one gets left out. For years the owner of the grill has graciously allowed us to play our music through his sound system from 7:30 to 10:00. Many come early to eat in order to support our host. The food is yummy and relatively inexpensive. Visitors occasionally find us online and join in on the fun. Everyone is welcome.

Dance on Kauai

Four times a year, on the second Friday of the month (February, May, August, November) a dance is held at the Church of the Pacific, just outside the Princeville Resort. A potluck starts the evening off at 6:30, then a half hour dance lesson, followed by social dancing until 10:00. A variety of music is played. All dance levels are encouraged and no partner is necessary. Visitors to the island are always welcome.

Dance on Kauai

Every Sunday, at the Koloa Neighborhood Center, a group gathers for a dance lesson at 7:00 followed by social dancing to a variety of music. Morgan Peters is the resident instructor and she rotates the lessons through numerous dances for a three week series of each. Next dance up: East Coast Swing.

So, if you have been thinking about learning to dance on Kauai, now you know where to go. If you are visiting the island, please feel free to join us. Even though many will be partner dancing, free styling is always an acceptable form of dance! Remember, dancing is good for the body, mind, and soul.

For those interested in seeing what West Coast Swing looks like, check out this video:

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