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Feeling guilty about all the hours you will be relaxing on the beach when you come to Kauai? Schedule a class or two at Fit Lab Kauai and work out with the locals. You will have fun and be able to shed some of those Mai Tai calories!

Fit Lab Kauai offers indoor cycling, barre, weight training and kickboxing classes throughout the week. The class levels range from beginner to high preforming athlete and can accommodate any age and skill level. Everyone is welcome!

“We strive to create a workout experience that leaves participants feeling accomplished and empowered. Every workout is designed to deliver the best results and cause an exponential increase in endorphins.”

Fit Lab Kauai - Princeville                         Fit Lab Kauai - Princeville

Class Schedule & Descriptions

Cycle Burnout

Indoor cycling is a great low impact, cardiovascular workout. Maintain a fast cadence then progress into an intense hill climb all while listening to motivating music on our fully adjustable bikes. Our moderate-intensity Cycle Burnout classes build muscular and cardiovascular endurance,  torch calories, burn fat, AND tone your muscles (especially those legs)! Not only do we cycle, but we lift 3-5 pound weights mid way through class for a little added strength bonus! Cycle Burnout is a 45 minute class IN THE DARK, and can be modified to fit ALL levels


yoSPIN is exclusive to Fit Lab Kauai. The combination of cycle and deep stretch yoga all while IN THE DARK continues to be a favorite amongst our clients. Start your class with 30 minutes of HIIC (high intensity interval cycling) and end with 30 minutes of Deep Stretch Yoga. This combination was designed to heat up your body, challenge your cardio endurance and embrace the energy, taking you deeper into stretches than you have been before. Sebastian Zietz, Professional Surfer and Co Founder of Fit Lab Kauai, considers yoSPIN to be a crucial element in his training.

Cycle Sculpt

Cycle Sculpt is a hybrid class combining cardio and strength. We start off on the spin bikes, working up a sweat and getting that heart rate going. 30 minutes of cardio is all you need in this class! From here, we cool it down and take it off the bikes for the SCULPT! During this half of class, we sculpt & strengthen using bands, body weight, and dumbbells! This class is a FLK favorite! Upbeat music takes you all the way to the end of class and into a thoughtfully designed cool down.


Barre-based classes use a variety of postures inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates. The barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles). Isometric exercise are combined with small range-of-motion movements preformed in high reps. This class also incorporates light handheld weights to bring the burn during all those reps, as well as mats for targeted core work. Barre is great for all ages and fitness levels!

Baby Barre

Calling all moms aunties, and grandmas! Bring your little ones to the Princeville park for a barre inspired workout, toning the entire body. In this class, we use the stroller as our barre, while bonding with our babes! Kids of all ages welcome! No stroller necessary. This is an outdoor workout class and is weather permitting! Meet at the Princeville park Thursday at 8:45 am!


The warrior workout is a combination of kickboxing and strength training. Not only will this class make you FEEL like a warrior, it is designed to make you LOOK like one too! This kickboxing class is high cardio and low impact (no jumping:)) Come get energized!

The Cut

We target EVERY muscle group in this class- and not just the arms, back, abs, glutes, and legs, but alllllll the specifics too. We’ll cover every inch. Using a variety of modalities such as weights, bands, body weight and TRX, together we get CUT.

Long & Lean Weight Training

In this class, we utilize heavier weights ranging from 5-20 lbs. You choose. We move slowly, to prevent injury, as we strengthen and tone every muscle in the body. Long & Lean is great for those looking to increase strength and add more muscle.

Athletic Recovery

You know that blissed out feeling you have after you get a massage? This class makes you feel the same way. Self myofascial release, or foam rolling, speeds up recovery by decreasing muscle and joint soreness, while improving performance by correcting muscular imbalances and improving joint range of motion. Hello athletes! In addition, foam rolling restructures fat & muscles under the fascia, allowing you to lengthen thick or bulky muscles as well as decrease the appearance of cellulite! A must try. This class suits a variety of levels! If you’re an athlete looking to up your game, this will take you to the next level! For those just beginning their fitness journey, this is a fantastic place to start.


RIPPED is a full body, weight training class with elements of resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, and endurance. Hello cardio and strength!

Triple Threat 

3 sets of exercises, 3 rounds through each, 3 muscle groups: arms, abs, and glutes. The triple threat will improve your cardio, strength, and mental stamina.

Party Cycle

On Friday night & Sunday morning, we party 🙂 Join us for a cycle class where we turn off all the lights and amp up the party lights, disco balls, and pretty colors! The extra energy will push you to workout harder.

Pilates PLUS

Pilates Plus is Pilates with a punch! We combine the basics of Pilates with strength training and booty barre! This workout strengthens and tones the muscles, while elongating them. We move slow, using stability balls, foam rollers, bands, and hand weights, This class accommodates all levels, from beginner to advance.


Restore and Relax. One hour of restorative yoga that will put you into deep relaxation. Dark room, low music, mellow vibes.


Fit Lab Kauai is one of the most affordable fitness facilities on island!

  • New Members w a HI ID! First Unlimited Month: $100
  • Local Drop In Rate with a Valid HI ID: $18
  • Happy Hour Special (classes from 5-8 pm) with a Valid HI ID: $16
  • Visitor Drop In: $20
  • Visitor 5 Class Pack: $90 ($18/class)
  • 10 Class Pack: $160 ($16/class, 3 month expiration)
  • One Month Unlimited: $170
  • Monthly Unlimited Autopay w HI ID: $150
  • Mommy & Me Outdoor Class: $10
  • Police, Firefighters, and Lifeguards: $12
Sign up for classes in advance on the MINDBODY smart phone application or on their website : book classes now! They implement a 15 hour cancellation policy to avoid an $18 charge.

Fit Lab Kauai is located in the Princeville Shopping Center, above the Bank of Hawaii.

PHONE: (808) 639-5537
For more information, go to their website:
Other Wellness Offerings include personal training and physical therapy.  Call for details.


“FitLab has been a staple in my fitness in so many ways these past couple of years!  I love the new format with fun events, updated classes as well as the good ole standbys involving spin.  It is an upbeat atmosphere and all of the instructors make you feel incredibly comfortable no matter what level you are.  I highly recommend visiting the Lab if you haven’t already because you are going to love the vibe!”
Gina L.
“Very accommodating 🙂 I showed up 3 times in a week no problems. Chrissy and Courtney were both super friendly set me right up for cycle and fitness. I will make sure to hit Fit Lab on my visits to Kauai. Water, clean towels and a great workout.”
Craig F.
No excuses now…… out at Fit Lab Kauai!

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