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A Wonderful Artist on Kauai, Hawaii – Saim Caglayan – Plein Air Painting

Kauai, Hawaii is such a magical place that often times visitors want to take home a beautiful painting as a reminder of their time in Paradise. Saim Caglayan has been plein air painting the landscapes of Kauai for years. I have personally known Saim for 15 of those years and am proud to call him my friend.

Saim Caglayan - Kauai - Hawaii

Saim was born in Istanbul, Turkey and came to the United States in 1968 to study architecture. After three years his interest changed and he went on to complete his BA degree in sculpture from California State University, Long Beach. He then took further graduate courses in art from California State University, Fullerton and the Art Institute of Southern California. For over twenty years he taught sculpture at Crafton Hills College and Golden West College. After that he started teaching plein air painting in both California and Kauai.

You may recognize the model for one of Saim’s sculptures; a fellow part-time resident of Kauai, Pierce Brosnan:

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

Saim Caglayan has an art gallery in Laguna Beach, California, as well as one in Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii. When not traveling the world giving workshops and painting, he holds private classes at his studio on Kauai. He also enjoys painting portraits on canvas in oils. Email Saim for workshop dates, to have your portrait painted while visiting our island, or to simply visit with him in his studio or gallery. He has lots of stories to tell and will make you feel quite welcome.

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

“I have been living on this amazing island of Kauai for 18 years now. There has never been a day I haven’t been surprised by the ever-changing beauty and the abundance at all levels. Painting is a way to deeply appreciate what is before me under all circumstances.

My goal as a painter is to capture the transient tropical light and its colors in a composition of balance and harmony that communicate the way I process the beauty around me and my hope is that the viewer partakes in that experience as well.”

Aloha ~ Saim

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

The honu painting is one of my personal favorites, of course, but I will include a few more at the end of the blog from Saim’s extensive body of work. If you see him painting on the beach while you are on island, be sure to stop and say Aloha.

Contact Information

Saim Caglayan Studio (by appointment)

5810 Kahiliholo Road, Kilauea, HI 96754

Phone: (808) 634-6941


For more paintings from around the world visit Saim’s Website:¬†

Facebook: Saim Caglayan

Instagram: saim_caglayan_art

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

Saim Caglayan - Artist - Kauai

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