Laysan Albatross - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii

My Latest Albatross Fix – Princeville – Kauai – Hawaii

It has been three weeks since the albatross chicks were born on Kaweonui Road, Kauai,  and I had to share my latest fix with you. After meeting my guests on Saturday I happened by this nest five houses down from Kauai Vacation Rental at Honu Point.  Mom or Dad (not sure which) was sitting next to her/his chick when another albatross happened by.  Best with sound.

Soon the parents will be leaving these vulnerable chicks by themselves as they fly off to find food hundreds of miles away to bring back to their baby. When the Mom or Dad returns she/he will regurgitate the eaten food into the baby’s mouth. This will go on for months until the parents feel the baby is ready to fledge. At that time the parents will stop feeding the chick so that it naturally figures out it is time to leave the nest. From a nearby bluff it will take its first giant leap of faith.

From there the fledgling must find its own food, staying out to sea for three to four years before returning to where it was born. It is a remarkable cycle of life.

There are quite a few chicks within a block of Honu Point. Here is Moana and one of her parents, just four doors down.

Laysan albatross - Princeville - Kauai - Hawaii

February is a great month for bird watching. The adult albatross, both parents of chicks and young adults looking to mate, are soaring directly over Honu Point and the surrounding neighborhood. When out by the pool it is as if they are flying directly overhead just to check out what you are doing. Our last guest told us that one adult walked right down the driveway and took off outside the master bedroom. It is truly a unique experience as Princeville is the only place in the world where Laysan albatross nest among people. We are proud to share our space with them.

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